Want Us To Buy Your Business?

We only look to buy businesses that have great potential but the current owner has had enough or run out of ideas. We have bought many companies that have just ticked along until we have purchased them. After we own a business we get straight to building and expanding the company, taking it from a local service to national and possibly even international. If you had an idea that has come to fruition and are looking to sell up, you should contact us as we thrive on making something out of nothing!

How To Value A Business

You want to sell your business, but sky-high business valuations for technology companies and global market swings seem to focus your attentions away from the basics of the sale. “Seller be prepared” is a good way to describe importance of the many steps you need to be complete before your business is sold. And few of these steps are more challenging and important to the bottom line than asset valuation. A thorough and positive asset valuation makes your business more attractive to a buyer, and impacts the final price in your favour.

Fuel Fixer

Fuel Fixer is one of our more recent projects and has now expanded Nationwide. We come to you and we are fully mobile and carry all the kit needed. We have professional fuel evacuation equipment on board and are experienced in all makes of cars & vans. We supply you with fresh fuel at pump prices, and we can normally have your car done and ready to go in under an hour.

Visage Studios

Visage Studios is a 3D visualisation company that delivers high-end visuals. We’re very proud of our ability to make the tightest deadlines without compromise. We enjoy our clientele from around the world and have worked on many exciting projects spanning nearly every continent. We have a unique and powerfully creative team of artists.

Ben’s Gutters Ltd

Ben’s Gutters Ltd are specialists in gutter cleaning for all types of residential and commercial properties. As a company with over 80,000 customers and growing, we regularly service different areas throughout the United Kingdom and are able to help with any gutter cleaning you need.